Will voice search be the new search game changer?

At the recent Search Summit in Sydney, the R6 Web Design™ leadership team attended a number of sessions by Google and Microsoft on voice search and the statistics were sobering!

2017 will be the year that voice search really starts to impact search results. Microsoft indicated that voice search was 25% faster than typed search, and that longer search queries targeted more accurate search results. Voice search also uses more natural terms likened to normal every day speech.

For example, if you were to search for menswear in Brisbane by typing on your computer, tablet, or phone, you would search ‘menswear Brisbane’. If you wanted the same information but you used voice search, your query would sound something like this: ‘show me all the menswear shops in Brisbane’. Voice search queries create very different results than regular typed searches.

For as long as search optimisation has been important, focusing on short search terms has been the key for SEO content. Voice search changes that pattern, because queries are longer, more targeted, and require more detailed results. This change will mean websites and landing pages need to shift their optimisation strategies.

Longer search queries will be essential to engage voice search assistants from both Google and Apple. Localising content keywords is also now essential. For example, ‘cheap hotels near the harbour’ or ‘restaurants on George Street’.

It’s also a good idea to allow for intent when creating your content, answering questions of who, what, when and where. This will also aid voice searches to find your business. For example, ‘we sell coffee, down the corner from the school’ rather than ‘local coffee’.

When writing for your website, using a more conversational, natural approach can help you to insert localised keywords seamlessly into your content.

Google and other search engine providers are actively working on the demise of the keyboard. The rise of AI and machine learning within search engines means the end of the keyboard is fast approaching.

It’s time to review your website and add those localised search terms to your content to ensure that voice searchers can find your website. If you need assistance preparing for the voice search revolution, R6 Web Design™ can help. Ask us how.