How AI is changing the way we search

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is changing the way we search for content and everyday products and services. At R6 Web Design™, we’re constantly making changes to client websites to take advantage of new search outcomes.

John Giannandrea, the man responsible for Google’s AI team, is spearheading the change to AI systems through Google. Over time, this will change the way the whole Internet works.

Cade Metz from Wired says that Google is “developing deep neural networks, networks of hardware and software that approximate the web of neurons in the human brain.” These networks analyse incredibly vast amounts of digital data, which makes them capable of useful tasks such as recognising commands spoken into a smartphone, identifying photos, and responding to search queries on the Internet. In some examples, these networks can grow to outperform humans because they’re not limited by scale, time, or human needs like sleep.

When AI is capable of this, it’s called deep learning, and it’s something that many of the most popular Internet services, like Facebook, Skype, and Twitter, are trying to implement into their networks. The ability for machine deep learning is reinventing the Internet, including Google Search, which is the aspect of the Google brand that brings in the most revenue.

In 2015, Bloomberg reported that Google had begun rolling out a deep learning system called RankBrain that was able to generate responses to search queries. RankBrain essentially analyses the words and phrases in a search query and decides what other words and phrases carry the same meaning. As a result, better search results are available.

RankBrain is responsible for generating “a very large fraction” of  the millions of queries entered into the search engine each second. This deep learning system is still only a part of how Google Search works, In fact, it accounts for about 15% of Google’s daily queries, but it’s not something that’s going to disappear anytime soon.

Over time, systems like RankBrain will come to play a larger role within Internet services such as Google Search. Google will continue to refine their algorithm for their AI, which means having quality and up to date content on your website is going to continue to be important.

With people able to search for information hands free, and with AI systems like RankBrain creating better search results, it’s critical your website has published the content that answers the questions your customers are searching for. With more intelligent search engines, businesses need to be publishing more intelligent content.

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